Post l'Etape Indonesia 2020 Cycling Tour

l'Etape Indonesia 2020 is going to be an amazing event held on Lombok, taking in some beautiful riding in the West Nusa Tenggara region. 

However, there is much more beautiful riding to be had both Lombok, and there is even better cycling in Bali, so why go all that way for just one day of cycling?

At the conclusion of the 2020 l'Etape Indonesia, we will be hosting a training camp across Lombok and Bali, giving you the best of both these incredible cycling landscapes.


Post l'Etape Indonesia 2020 Cycling Tour Schedule:


Monday April 6 – A partial rest day, we’ll keep the legs warm with a gentle 40km ride.

Tuesday April 7 – The intensity will begin to increase again as we push up to 50km, but you won’t notice the extra distance thanks to the stunning scenery on offer.

Wednesday April 8 – Our last full day of tiding in Lombok, we’ll stretch the legs and go further afield, aiming for 75km of picturesque pedalling. 

Thursday April 9 – In a unique day of cycling, we will ride from our accommodation to the ferry (40km) hopefully spot dolphins on the trip across, then ride another 40km to our accommodation in Penglipuran.

Friday April 10 – One of the best climbs in Bali is the ride to the summit of Mt Kintamani. 40km up, 40km down, where the brave can touch 100km/h on the descent…

Saturday April 11 – We finish with our favourite ride in Bali, the climb to the UNESCO World Heritage listed Jatiluwih Rice Fields. At the summit we will take in the stunning rice fields, enjoy a cold drink, and celebrate a week of amazing cycling in Bali and Lombok. 

Post l'Etape Indonesia 2020 Cycling Tour Includes:

- Five nights luxury accommodation

- Airport pick-up and drop-off.

- One month of Peak Velo Performance training plan

- Welcome dinner.

- All meals by our world-class chef @silvanalena

- Snacks during the rides.

- Amazing post-ride protein smoothies.

- Short classes on how to make gels, protein bars and the best pre and post-workout meals to support your training.

- Rusty's evening talks around training.

- Bike fitting advice.

- Post-ride stretching sessions.

- Post-ride massages available. 

- Two vans available to move around the island in the afternoons.

- Four scooters available to take short trips around the island. 

- Support van with mechanical support.

- Balinese musette with island souvenir.

- Closing dinner party.

Post l'Etape Indonesia 2020 Cycling Tour Fine Print:

- Airfares and insurance not included.

- $500 deposit on sign up 

Please note, we are monitoring the coronavirus situation closely, however, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the right level of valid travel insurance for your Post l'Etape Indonesia 2020 Cycling Tour experience